Good laminates can save a lot of headaches on tour

Laminates are an excellent way to identify yourself and your group members. They can save you from embarrassing moments, and un-necessary questioning or snag remarks like “ Who are you?” and “You cannot be here, backstage is for Artists only”.

When custom designing your laminates you may want to include some of the following key words:

-       Your Artist Name

-       Group Name

-       Nickname

-       Position (ex. Musician, Guitarist, Road Manager…)

-       Tour Name (ex. The One Love Tour)

-       Branding (Sponsor Logo, Record Label Logo….)

-       Picture

-       Special Mentions: (Rock and Roll for Life, Reggae Revolution….)

-       Special wording/Titles: (All Access, VIP, Back Stage, Production….)


Be creative but keep it simple. If you want to add your tour dates, make your laminates double sided, but keep the front simple so when you are walking by security the don’t have to take 3 minutes to read your laminate.

Printing larger quantities can saves you money. If you are printing an “all year round laminate” that you can use at every show and not only on a particular tour, you may want to consider printing 2-3 sets. We all have tendencies to lose or misplace things right? This way you will be ahead of the game in case it happens to you or any of your group members. Print a few extra “All Access Passes” for your “VIP” guests, bus driver, sponsors, etc. This way it will make it easier to identify them.

Print high quality laminates; the standard laminate size is 3×5. Use a high quality stock card, you want your laminates to last long. Good quality laminates become great souvenirs; they also become great conversation pieces especially when they have memorable stories to accompany them.

Long live touring!

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