Duane Stephenson

images-duanestephensonmusic-com-uploads-album_art--2       With music pumping through his veins, Duane Stephenson knows just how to put pen to paper and take it from the studio to the stage. An all rounder, Stephenson is a multi-talent with the enviable triple threat of singer, songwriter, producer and that’s what has assisted his transition from lead singer of the six member group To-Isis, to the solo act we see and know today.

Making that transition two years ago was not hard for Stephenson as it was time for him to stand on his own. Equipped with a new game plan, he successfully landed a two-album record distribution deal with VP Records.

Since then, he has recorded and released his critically acclaimed debut album, aptly titled “From August Town”, in tribute to his home town, on September 17, 2007. Produced under the auspices of the living legend Dean “Sax” Fraser, he has released three singles – “August Town”, “Fairytale” and “Cottage in Negril”. The album is also one of VP’s best selling albums.

Duane Stephenson is a natural visionary of our time, who enters the Roots Reggae fortress with blissfully poignant vocals and carefully crafted melodies. And just like fine wine, he’ll only get better with time.

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Website: http://duanestephensonmusic.com/