Nancy Davis

Every good manager should have patience and persistence…they should be able to think outside the box and most importantly be consistently innovative” – Nancy Davis.

What started as teenager’s dream to work in the booming Reggae and Dancehall industry has evolved into a formidable career for leading entertainment pro Nancy Davis. From booking and touring with some of the top A-Z names in the genre including Cocoa Tea, Baby Cham, Luciano and Sean Paul to her significant role in shaping, launching and managing Reggae superstar Tarrus Riley, Nancy Davis stands as a true maverick in the business of music entertainment.

A veritable ‘Jill of all trades’, the highly astute road manager, booking agent and artiste development executive entered the music scene in 1998 handling accounts at Mainstreet Records for acts like Red Rat, Goofy, General Degree, Buccaneer, Crissy D and Lady G. During the years 2003-2004, she played key executive assistant to ICC Managing Director and avid sports enthusiast Christopher Dehring on the inaugural prominent international event, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 Inc. while also making global rounds as tour manager with Reggae stalwarts Cocoa Tea and Luciano. 2004 also saw her joining Gerald Belnavis at All Access Entertainment as the company’s chief booking agent representing major talents such as Baby Cham (Cham), L.U.S.T., Tanya Stephens, Spice, Richie Stephens, Perfect among others.

Her key connections to vast international entertainment entities as well her enviable reputation as the ‘go-to’ source for artiste information and bookings yielded major developments in 2006 as she was approached by legendary saxophone player and producer Dean Fraser to enlist budding Reggae stars Tarrus Riley and Duane Stephenson on her artiste roster. Trusting Dean’s knack for talent, Nancy began working arduously with Duane and Tarrus and was soon met with great reward. Duane Stephenson garnered positive reviews for his singles ‘Cottage in Negril’ and ‘August Town’ while Tarrus exploded on the international scene with the mega lovers anthem ‘She’s Royal’. During this time she also worked ardently on the “Montreal International Reggae Festival” (2004-2007) in Montreal, Canada booking majority of the shows performers and also as the chief liaison officer in Jamaica; “ICONS Limited” (2005-2007) alongside Legendary Cricketer Courtney Walsh in Barbados, as well as booked talent for several Jamaican Government media events.

In 2008, Nancy celebrated her tenth year in the international music business and made the prominent move to spearhead her own operations. Forming a partnership with Belnavis of All Access Entertainment, Davis opened her own independent limb of the company – the All Access Booking Agency. With her years of expertise and laurels preceding her, the All Access Booking Agency was a major achievement and smashing success.

Still working steadily with Duane and Tarrus, in 2009 Riley asked her to join his management team, sharing duties with Dean Fraser. Her wealth of knowledge and experience about the international music industry proved instrumental in Riley’s success – boosting his visibility, sales and breaking barriers in burgeoning Reggae mega markets such as North America, Caribbean, and Europe.

A self described workaholic, Nancy’s success as an internationally reputable manager and a booking agent is attributed to sheer gumption, divine love for what she does and heavy investment in learning not only the practical but the theoretical side of the business, “Music Industry insiders need to be familiar with not only the creative but also the business side of music…in this ever changing industry…. you cannot afford to be left behind.”

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