Nikki Z


Diva Nikki Z has always marched to the beat of her own drum. Diva Z has always been known as a strong minded, opinionated, DJ, radio host and entertainment / news reporter. After earning her stripes in TV production she was hired by Power 104 to work as a board operator for the  infamous Wendy Williams Radio show. With hard work and determination she worked her way from board operator and late night broadcaster to doing mid days10-2 pm Mon-Fri.

Ever looking for opportunity for growth, Nikki Z made the decision to branch out of the place in which she grew up and venture over to the land she loves, Jamaica. With her already strong links and network Diva Nikki Z was introduced to Zip 103fm a budding station on the island and also Hype T.V Jamaica’s leading video television network. In less then 1 year Nikki Z went from being a virtual unknown on the beautiful island to being 1 of the top rated radio media personalities. Always working and trying new things, from there Nikki Z produced one of  Jamaica’s biggest Dancehall artist, Movado’s hit songs “Don’t Cry” which is featured on his debut album Gangsta  For Life. Download Nikki Z’s full bio here.

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